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“Complying with data privacy regulations is no longer a daunting and tedious task, but it has become part of our core business.”

Amber Perrone, Recruitment Compliance Analyst

On a daily basis, WilsonHCG processes huge amounts of personal data of workers and job seekers around the world. With offices in over 65 countries, the organization is subject to various privacy and data protection laws regarding international data transfers. The organization aims to grow even further in the coming years. To reinforce these growth ambitions and to respond in time to the constant changes in the field of privacy and data protection, WilsonHCG enlisted the help of DPO Consultancy to ensure compliance with global legislation and regulations in a structural manner. Read the story


“Developing job-specific knowledge and awareness is always a challenge with so many employees. DPO Consultancy has been very successful in finding a solution for this.”

Mirjam de Vaal, Divisie Privacy Officer

After the company-wide implementation of the GDPR, VolkerWessels – one of the largest construction companies in the Netherlands – wanted to train 12,000 employees in the field of privacy and data protection. To this end, the company developed a unique e-learning program together with DPO Consultancy to train different groups of employees in a targeted manner and to form the basis for permanent education.


“Without DPO Consultancy we would never have gotten through the complexities of the GDPR. Their consultants are very skilled in making complex privacy matters simple.”

Cori Dahlstrom, General Counsel & DPO

Discogs is on a mission to build the biggest and most comprehensive music database and marketplace in the world. With over half a million contributors and 8 million community members, the company takes privacy and data protection very seriously. A complex challenge, given the different privacy legislations around the world. To be sure of the best level of privacy management and governance, Discogs uses DPO Consultancy’s unique DPO-as-a-service offering. Based on a thorough Privacy Management Activities plan, the external and independent DPO supports them in every step of their privacy journey, from the assessment to implementation and training.

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