A word from our privacy and data protection experts 

How to apply Privacy By Design: a starter’s guide

In this webinar, we discuss the 7 principles of Privacy by Design and give you useful tips and tricks on how to apply it.

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A practical approach to conducting a Data Protection Impact Assessment

This webinar is not to be missed if your organization wants to ensure GDPR compliance and reduce privacy risks as much as possible.

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GDPR Compliant International Data Transfers: How to conduct the newly introduced mandatory Transfer Impact Assessments

In this webinar we will show you the ins and outs of conducting the newly introduced mandatory Transfer Impact Assessments.

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Schrems II and the implications of the new Standard Contractual Clauses

Find out what the new, modernized SCC’s mean for your organization and how best to meet the deadline of implementing the new SCC’s.

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Towards a GDPR proof clinical trial

Are you responsible for the processing of sensitive data in the life sciences industry? This webinar gives you the practical tools to implement the GDPR in your daily business operations.

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The EU-US Privacy Shield is invalid! What to do with your international data transfers?

How do you ensure that your data transfers are legal now that no personal data can be transferred to the US under the Privacy Shield? We explain it in this webinar!

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Life Sciences & Data Privacy

In this webinar, especially for life science companies, we help you to distinguish between facts and fiction about data privacy.

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