Step-by-step data breach protocol

How do you stay in control in the event of a data breach? By establishing a data breach protocol. But how do you do that? We explain this in this step-by-step plan. This way we help your organization to determine whether a data breach should be reported and how this should be done.

Step by step data breach protocol


In the event of a data breach, it is important that you as an organization know what steps to take, when to do so and to whom to report a data breach. These steps are described in a data breach protocol, so that you can deal with the consequences of a data breach in a controlled manner. But how do you draw up such a protocol? And how do you know it meets the legal requirements? We explain this in this step-by-step plan. We will show you which procedures should be in the protocol and what steps you need to go through. This way you always keep control of the situation.