Privacy Assessment

Determine if your business is GDPR-proof

What is a Privacy Compliance Assessment?

Every company that processes personal data must be sure that the company’s procedures are GDPR-compliant. A privacy assessment is the best starting point to address the level of compliance within your company. While we conduct the privacy assessment, we provide you with:

  • a clearer insight into your current compliance level
  • a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of your privacy & cookie policies
  • a clear starting point for improvement

This way you discover the risks your organization runs when it comes to privacy and data protection and to effectively solve them. However, an assessment is not a one-time activity. Processes change, knowledge disappears and new systems (and privacy laws) are introduced. It is therefore recommended to conduct a privacy assessment at least once a year, to stay up to date with your company’s GDPR compliance.

Why perform a Data Privacy Compliance Assessment?

In the digital era, a privacy assessment is essential to keep your organization on track amid the rapid growth of data-driven technologies, privacy regulations, and growing concerns about personal data privacy. Our 10-step Privacy Assessment plan serves multiple purposes, such as:

  1. Assess Data Handling Practices
  2. Maintain Governance Structure
  3. Maintain the Record of Processing Activities
  4. Privacy Policy & Document Management
  5. Continuing Education and Training
  6. Manage Third Party Risks
  7. Complaints and DSR Management
  8. Monitor New Operational Practices
  9. Data Breach Management Program
  10. Track External Criteria

During the assessment, every aspect will be checked and evaluated, in order to assess the risks and prioritize what needs improvement. Finally, a full report will be provided with the recommended measures required to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.

“If you want to seriously tackle privacy and data protection, an assessment is the logical first step to determine what to do.”

Michael van Staveren – Data protection officer – LL.M CIPP/E

A Privacy Compliance Assessment by our DPO consultants

DPO Consultancy is the designated partner for an independent and professional privacy assessment. Our experienced privacy experts are aware of all current legislation and regulations – nationally and internationally – and master all aspects of good privacy and data protection policies. In addition, they can classify all identified risks and points for attention and translate them into tangible action points that your organization can implement to improve compliance with legislation and regulations. Naturally, they record all aspects of the assessment in an effective, practical report. Feel free to contact us to see how we can help your organization.

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