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At the DPOC Academy, we provide various training courses, based on a solid theoretical basis, supplemented with our practical experience. Based on their professional practice, our teachers are able to combine theory and practice and transfer knowledge in a pleasant and clear way, so that you can immediately put the knowledge you have acquired into practice. Our range of courses varies from basic to in-depth training in privacy legislation and data protection. In addition, we offer tailor-made solutions, specifically tailored to laws and regulations within your industry.

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The training courses are practice-oriented with a high degree of interaction by covering cases in groups. 

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High quality

Compiled by experienced lawyers, ICT professionals, risk managers, business managers, and education experts.

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All teachers have up-to-date and relevant hands-on experience at various types of organizations in various industries.

Foundation privacy & data protection

This two-day course is intended for anyone who wants to focus on data privacy and data protection in practice or who has to deal with the GDPR in their day-to-day work and therefore would like to know more. The training is particularly relevant for (future) Data Protection Officers (DPOs), (Chief) Privacy Officers, Privacy (Implementation) Managers, Risk Managers, (Information) Security Officers, Compliance Officers, ICT Managers, Information Managers, Controllers, IT architects, data managers, BI professionals, other data specialists, (senior) policy staff involved in data privacy and data protection.



Knowledge of this topic is not required.


  • Are properly implemented in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Understanding the privacy and data protection risks that must be managed
  • Knowledge of the rights that can be derived from the law and how they can be facilitated
  • Knowledge of the essentials of privacy governance and responsible implementation of data protection


Essentials data protection officer

5 DAYS | Three times a year

This training provides all the basic knowledge and skills for the performance of the position of data protection officer (DPO). Afterwards, the participant is able to advise on the design and implementation of privacy governance, to assess the privacy policy, to draw up a supervision plan, to supervise and to account for and report on this, to assess the legitimacy of processing, to supervise DPIAs and assess and cooperate with external and internal regulators. After this training, the participant can work independently as a DPO.


Foundation privacy & data protection


  • Insight into privacy governance and the role and position of the DPO
  • Knowledge about information security and privacy by design principles
  • Being able to perform a DPIA
  • Being able to report and account

Privacy management

5 DAYS | Three times a year

This five-day course is intended for (future) Data Privacy Managers, Privacy Officers and Privacy Implementation Managers and for other senior officials who are involved in (data) privacy management at a tactical-policy level, such as (Chief) Privacy Officers, Chief Legal Officers, Risk Managers, (Information) Security Officers, Compliance Officers, ICT Managers and Information Managers. At the end of this training the participant is able to implement privacy governance at management and/or senior management level and (also) on a tactical level, and in particular to lead privacy management.


Foundation privacy & data protection


  • Being able to properly formulate privacy policy
  • Giving organizational shape and content to data privacy management at tactical level
  • Being able to manage implementation of privacy policy

Tailor-made training

Naturally, we also offer tailor-made training courses, in which we tailor courses to group size, knowledge level, target group, goal and implementation requirements. For example, in-company training courses that are completely tailored to your needs.


Permanent education through e-Learning

E-learning is the easiest and most fun way to meet the training obligations of the GDPR. Available anytime, anywhere on any device. This way you can easily provide permanent, measurable education. And thus for employees who are aware of the privacy risks and can act accordingly