The GDPR, what does it mean for non-EU companies?

In this white paper Michael van Staveren describes what measures organizations need in the context of privacy and data protection when they decide to do business in Europe.

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When your company is not located in the European Union, why should the GDPR apply to you? This is an interesting question that we will discuss in this white paper. Looking from a distance it seems obvious that when you are, for example, based in the United States, you are not captured by the GDPR, since you are not a European company. But is this really true? The answer, like many in the field of law is: ‘It depends.’ To help you to decide what is best for your organization, this white paper discusses:

  • The scope of the GDPR
  • Reasons to appoint a DPR
  • What it means to have a DPR
  • The impact of Brexit

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