Data Governance

Demonstrable control of privacy and data protection


What is data governance

In our increasingly digital world, data governance is crucial for every single business. But what is the precise data governance definition? Data governance covers all practices and processes that provide high-quality data within an organization. From roles and policies to metrics: data governance is all about guaranteeing reliable, secure, and accessible data. And of course: data governance makes sure you comply with all relevant regulations and standards.

Note that data governance is not the same as data management. While data governance defines policies and procedures, data management is the actual enforcement of such policies and procedures. Therefore, it is important that data governance and data management are closely connected.  

Why data governance is important

Nowadays, data governance is essential for companies to monitor their compliance with the GDPR. A robust data governance framework helps businesses maximize their value, manage risks, and reduce costs. Where there is a clear view of all activities within the organization to safeguard the privacy and to comply with legal obligations. In our data-driven environment and society, data governance defines the success and sustainability of modern organizations.

It is very important that a DPO is independent, qualified, and committed

Jelmer Pieters – Managing director – MBA CIPP/E

The benefits of data governance

So, in a nutshell: why data governance? Which are data government benefits for a company?

A robust data governance program makes a company more competitive and trustworthy, while it ensures the availability, usability, integrity, and security of your organization’s data assets.

A solid data governance program is very important for a company and its components are:

  • Data governance framework
  • Data governance roles and responsibilities
  • Data governance policies and procedures
  • Data quality management
  • Data catalog and metadata management
  • Data security and privacy
  • Data integration and interoperability
  • Data stewardship and change management
  • Data governance training and education
  • Performance measurement and continuous improvement

Data governance challenges

Data governance is not always the easiest job to be done. Being compliant in terms of privacy and data protection is not a one-off project, but a continuous process that must be well organized. These are common data governance challenges companies face:
• How do you ensure high-quality data to rely on?
• How do you define a governance strategy that suits and serves your business goals?
• How do you let go of data silos and work towards one version of the truth?
• How do you deal with resistance and adoption issues among employees?
• How do you prevent complex data breaches and cyber threats?

DPO Consultancy data governance services

For companies that want to stand out, data governance is not optional. It is a crucial and vital part of running your business. We are here to help you set up a data governance program, with our data governance services and tools.

Data Protection Officer

With our DPO-as-a-service, you will have a skilled, objective, and independent data governance expert at fixed monthly costs that match the size and complexity of your organization. We know what it is all about and know all the authorities involved. A simple and scalable way to quickly fulfill the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Data governance training
Would you like to train your own Data Protection Officer? We offer data governance training. Check out our Privacy courses.

Data governance tools: our toolbox

Do you only need suitable data governance tools? Feel free to download one of our checklists, step-by-step plans, or templates.

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