Discover Key Insights on International Data Transfers

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of international data transfers? Do you find yourself grappling with questions about GDPR compliance and personal data protection? Look no further. Our comprehensive whitepaper, “International Data Transfers,” is here to guide you through the intricacies and answer your burning questions.

Unraveling International Data Transfers Under GDPR

As data protection changes, organizations worldwide are focusing on transferring personal data across borders. This white paper is your compass, addressing critical issues and uncertainties, including:

  • When can you speak of an international data transfer under the GDPR?

Gain clarity on the thresholds that trigger international data transfer considerations and their implications.

  • To what extent may the content of the Standard Contractual Clauses be changed?

Understand the flexibility and limitations in customizing SCCs for your specific needs.

  • Is a Transfer Impact Assessment (TIA) truly necessary?

Explore the significance of conducting a Transfer Impact Assessment and its role in GDPR compliance.

  • What does a Transfer Impact Assessment (TIA) need to include?

Dive into the essential components that make a TIA thorough and effective.

  • How do the October 2022 Executive Order and the EU-US Draft Adequacy Decision impact data transfers to the US?

Stay informed about the latest regulations and their implications on your data transfer operations.

Empower Your Organization with In-Depth Knowledge

By delving into our whitepaper, you’ll equip your organization with the knowledge and insights required to navigate international data transfers confidently. Our goal is to empower you with the expertise needed to make informed decisions and maintain GDPR compliance.

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