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AI Impact Assessment

Manage the risks connected with AI

AI Impact Assessment (AIIA): improve your Risk Management Strategy on AI

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are rapidly becoming part of the daily practices of almost any company. As a result, it has an increasing impact on our daily lives. On the one hand, we profit from the benefits of the use of these techniques, on the other hand, there are concerns about the consequences for our privacy and fundamental human rights. Following these developments in AI technology, the EU recently passed the AI Act, which will, like the GDPR, regulate and harmonize AI technology across the EU. Additionally, the territorial scope of the AI Act reaches beyond the EU, which means that the AI Act can apply to organizations outside the EU as well.


Preparing your business for (complying with) the AI Act starts with an overall risk assessment of AI within your organization. This will require in-depth knowledge, expertise, and a project-based approach. It will also entail combining an AI Impact Assessment with other types of risk management assessments, for example, those required by the GDPR, such as a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) or a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). The EU AI Act partly overlaps with current privacy legislation, and as a result, the EU AI Act and GDPR will complement each other.

AI Impact Assessment in Practice

If you have already conducted a DPIA on a processing activity that involves an AI system, it is an option to elaborate on that assessment. In other words, an AI Impact Assessment is an essential part of the risk management strategy of any company that intends or already uses AI-based solutions. This assessment goes beyond data protection and privacy, as it also includes:


  • Ethical Considerations
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Social and Economic Impact
  • Cybersecurity Risks
  • Environmental Impact
  • Human Rights and Equity
  • AI governance and Accountability
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Our AI Impact Assessment will include:


  • An analysis of the relevant operations involving AI
  • Identification and assessments of the risks involved
  • Measures to mitigate risks

We are ready to help companies to identify and mitigate all the risks connected to AI.”

Emine Bilsin – Privacy & Data Protection Consultant

DPO at ScreenPoint Medical


Portrait of Emine Bilsin, distinguished AI and Data Privacy Expert at DPO Consultancy. Emine's expertise drives innovative solutions and ensures top-tier data privacy standards for our clients

Other relevant AI Assessments

Depending on your business, other AI assessment may be relevant:


  • Conformity Assessment (CA)
  • Fundamental Rights Impact Assessment (FRIA)
  • Fundamental Rights and Algorithms Impact Assessment (FRAIA)
  • Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA)

If you want to know more about this assessments and the possible consequences within your organization, DPO Consultancy is fully equipped to advise you on the possible applicability of these assessments.

AI Impact Assessment with DPO Consultancy

DPO Consultancy already offers companies to obtain and maintain privacy compliance within their organization by performing audits or assessments and implementing a tailored privacy governance and structure in various business fields. Following the upcoming AI Act, DPO Consultancy expands its services by assisting companies developing, deploying, or using AI by using its expertise to combine privacy and AI compliance. With our consultants obtaining the recently deployed AIGP certification, DPO Consultancy is the go-to-advisor for an efficient and pragmatic implementation of the AI Act.


The products and services that DPO Consultancy provides are always tailored to your needs as an organization. If you have any questions about AI risk assessments or the correlations between the GDPR and AI compliance you can reach out to us by filling out the form below or sending us an email at info@dpoconsultancy.nl.

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