The American Privacy Rights Act (“APRA”) has been unveiled. This comprehensive draft legislation sets clear, national data privacy rights and protections for Americans, eliminates the existing patchwork of state data privacy laws and establishes robust enforcement mechanisms to hold violators accountable, including the private right of action for individuals.

One of Senators involved has been quoted as saying, “what we see is a patchwork of state laws developing, and this draft that Sen. Cantwell and I have agreed to will establish privacy protections that are stronger than any state law on the books.”

The APRA incorporates parts of other state laws, including California, Illinois and Washington and establishes foundational uniform national data privacy rights for Americans while also providing Americans the ability to enforce their data privacy rights.

While the timing of this proposed draft legislation is unclear, policymakers have in recent weeks, floated a number of draft bills – ranging from children’s privacy, reauthorization of Section 702 and new obligations for data brokers.

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