Five crucial steps towards a GDPR proof clinical trial

Many life sciences organizations struggle with organizing GDPR proof clinical trials. The GDPR has unfortunately developed a very negative image for hindering organizations from doing their business. This white paper aims to show how to interpret and apply the GDPR in such a proper and efficient way, that it may benefit your organization. Helping you to start your journey to GDPR compliance in five crucial steps:


  • Determine your role in the data processing.
  • Assess what personal data you process and how you protect it.
  • Determine the purpose of data processing within clinical trials.
  • Assess what lawful processing grounds apply to the clinical trial.
  • Perform a DPIA on high-risk processing activities.


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How do you organize GDPR-proof clinical trials? In this white paper Dounia Skalli explains how to interpret and apply the GDPR in a good and efficient way.